Trans-ship At A Glance

  • Leading provider of modern logistics facilities in London, NewYork, and Germany
  • US$5.8 billion property portfolio comprising
  • 484 completed properties across 52 cities
  • Domestic demand is a key driver of demand for Logistic
  • Four-time winner of the Logistics Awards from 2004 to 2008



On a regular basis and in collaboration with our network of agents and partners in EUROPE (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain), ASIA (China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia), United Emirates Arabs (DUBAI), AUSTRALIA, USA and SOUTH AFRICA, we gather your goods and parcels, ship and deliver them to ports, airport or to your warehouses (door to door).

Therefore, our network of partners enables us to meet your import/export freight to and from all destinations in the WORLD. The import freight includes the following: Bulk, Break bulk, Containers, Vehicles


With our expertise and experience, we ensure you fast and smooth connections for your air cargo to any destination in the world.

Whatever the size of your shipment to any destination, we take care of all handling operations every step of the way. Shipments from various suppliers to one or various customers may be pick-up and delivered on a regular basis, to the warehouse of our partners in EUROPE, South Africa, United Emirates Arabs (DUBAI), ASIA (China and others), USA, for shipments and dispatching.


We always have goals that we’re striving to achieve in Art Shipping Industry

We continue to work on the best solutions for packaging options as well as train our employees to perform excellent performance on artwork installation projects.